Advantages and Disadvantages of Platform Bed

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Bed surely becomes the most important furniture in the house. People can skip any other furniture in their house but at least they still have to put the bed in their home. Bed is important because people need to rest properly at night. Having the bed with the best quality can be great investment for their life because it means that people can sleep better so at the next day they will be able to work better. Bed also has crucial role for bedroom decoration and there are various trends of bed which appears. Recently, platform bed becomes more popular. This kind of bed had ever been popular in 1970’s after all. This bed of course has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Platform Bed

Platform bed sales are rising every year and there must be good reason why people want to buy this kind of bed. Previously, this kind of bed is made for upscale consumers but with the high demand of this bed, the manufacture will reduce price by adjusting the process. The price which is reduced of course will attract more and more people to buy and use this kind of bed. There is also great change which is applied by the manufacture by adding storage underneath the bed so buyer can get extra advantage since they can also get practical and useful storage. The sturdiness of this bed makes it able to handle a lot of weight and this is another good reason for people buying platform bed.

Disadvantages of Platform Bed

People can say that the price of platform bed is cheap enough but not all bed with this model has cheaper price than the regular bed. People also have to remember that they have the mattress which is suggested by the manufacture through the using instruction. Some bed also needs the box spring for supporting the comfort. Sometimes people will find difficulty to buy the mattress without the matching box spring. The quality of the bed will be influenced by the price and comfort after all.

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